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2022 in Review

The 2022 racing season has come to a close for Brendan, and it was a good one on and off the track. The season started in December 2021 at the Silver State Road Course Series, and after multiple mechanical issues and 2 blown 1250s the decision was made to cut the road course season short and upgrade equipment to a brand new FZ09 Car. With this upgrade the expectations for the Oval Season were grand.

Brendan began the 2022 Oval Season by joining a newly developed team, and quickly became one of the fastest growing, and most fan engaging team at the LVMS Bullring; 7zero2 Motorsports. With joining 7zero2 Motorsports, Brendan was able to have a group of teammates to rely on and to bring the fun back into racing. Running top 5 in division nearly every week was a big plus for Brendan, and a confidence booster for the whole team. Brendan was able to bring home an average finish of 10.35 on the season, 5.39 in the Semi-Pro Division.

Brendan was able to travel to Montana again in 2022 over the summer to run their Legends Madness event at Mission Valley Super Oval in Polson, MT where he once again scored 5th overall and 2nd in division. The competition was strong this year with drivers with years of experience and many different champions. Pulling off a top 5 was a huge success.

As we look into the 2023 Season beginning back at the Silver State Road Course Series in December of this year, Brendan is starting the search for 2023 Sponsorship to continue his career and keep driving the passion for motor sports. He will be graduating high school from Odyssey Charter School in May of 2023, and looks forward to making 2023 the best season yet. Without Sponsorship it makes it hard to do what we love to do in this sport.

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