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2020 Racing Season Recap/ Bandolero West Coast Nationals

Bandolero West Coast Nationals recap

Bandolero West Coast Nationals took place at our home track this year, The Bullring at LVMS, our expectations going into the weekend were high as we netted 7 wins at the Bullring this season. But some curve balls were thrown on us like Hoosier Tires being mandatory at the event unlike the whole year. Thursday, October 15th was the practice day for the event, and it hit us hard, the car was driving worse than a dump truck, we took swings at it and nothing really helped but was still 2nd to 3rd fastest on the board all day. Friday, October 16th was our qualifying/heat race day. Originally we were supposed to have a 15 minute practice session that we were going to use to dial in the setup some more but that got scratched for a 10 lap hot lap session where we were 2nd quick. In qualifying the handling still wasn't there and qualified 5th. The heat race was fairly uneventful and we finished 5th there as well.

Saturday was the big day, race day. We started the day off with a whole bunch of changes for our 20 minute or so practice session where we ended P3 on the board. Brendan asked for another adjustment because he felt that all he needed was a little bit more turn in the center. The feature didn't go as planned, we took the adjustment too far to the tight side, and then on lap 6 a car spun and in a chain reaction I got stuffed in the wall. Broke the spindle loose but still managed to limp the car home in 5th which is a success for not being able to turn the car.

2020 Season Recap

9 wins

6 2nds

1 3rd

2 4ths

2 5ths

2nd in Bandolero West Coast points

1st in the state of Nevada

would be 2020 Bullring champion if points were awarded

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