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Brendan's Bio

Brendan Tracy, an 18 year old Las Vegas native, is currently competing in the US Legends Cars Semi Pro division. He is now entering his freshman year of college, doing classes at College of Southern Nevada. In Brendan’s free time he is active in the community taking part in events with Children’s Heart Foundation, Speedway Children’s Charity, and many other charities.

At the start of the 2023 Asphalt Oval season, Brendan was presented the opportunity to join ThirdGen Racecars, who has produced numerous national champions in previous years. Joining ThirdGen has sense paid off by so far netting 14 divisional wins, and currently ranked 4th in the Semi-Pro division for national points. 

Brendan has also decided that he will be partnering with Children's Heart Foundation as his primary cause. This is important to Brendan because his sister was born with heart defects and caused very challenging times. He looks forward to carrying the Children's Heart Foundations name and supporting their cause, be on the look out for Children's Heart Foundation events.

Childrens Heart Foundation.png

2023 Upcoming Schedule

  • September 9th  LVMS Bullring

  • September 22nd LVMS Bullring

  • September 23rd LVMS Bullring

  • October 19th-21 USLCI Asphalt Nationals

  • More Races TBA

2023 Division Results

  • April 8th          LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • April 21st        LVMS Bullring                     1st

  • April 22nd       LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • May 5th          LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • May 6th          LVMS Bullring                    1st 

  • June 2nd          LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • June 17th         LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • June 24th         Madera Speedway            1st

  • July 3rd            LVMS Bullring                    1st

  • July 8th            Irwindale Speedway           1st

  • August 12th     Irwindale Speedway           1st

  • August 19th   Mission Valley Super Oval      1st

  • August 19th   Mission Valley Super Oval      1st

  • August 26th   Orange Show Speedway       1st

  • February 17th   LVMS Bullring                    2nd

  • March 4th        LVMS Bullring                    2nd

  • March 10th      LVMS Bullring                    2nd

  • June 16th         LVMS Bullring                    2nd

  • July 2nd           LVMS Bullring                    2nd

  • August 26th   Orange Show Speedway      2nd

  • March 11th      LVMS Bullring                    3rd

  • March 31st      LVMS Bullring                    3rd

  • April 1st           LVMS Bullring                    3rd

  • February 18th   LVMS Bullring                    5th

  • May 13th    Orange Show Speedway        5th

  • March 24th      LVMS Bullring                    7th

  • April 7th          LVMS Bullring                    8th

  • June 3rd           LVMS Bullring                   9th

  • March 25th      LVMS Bullring                   10th

Average Finish Division: 2.7

2022-2023 Road Course Series

  • December 17th   LVMS Road Course              13th 

  • December 18th   LVMS Road Course                9th

  • January 7th         LVMS Road Course              10th

  • January 7th         LVMS Road Course                9th

  • January 8th         LVMS Road Course              15th 

  • January 21st       LVMS Road Course                8th

  • January 22nd      LVMS Road Course                7th


To stay up to date with Brendan's racing follow us on social media below.

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